Monthly Update

Seems about time that I was due to publish another Monthly Update to this blog.

I’m trying so hard to make this a routine thing, and on time, and not neglect………. hm.

I have had a month of Uni, well 2 weeks –  currently have 2 weeks left – which has been LUSH. Although, I have been working a fair amount during that time, as I desperately need the money.

The weather is, at current, rather nice, yet I am stuck indoors trying to start/finish this Uni work, which sucks.

Nothing much that is of interest has happened – surprisingly – I have just been clubbing and stuff, which has been fun in a little club where I live called Zens (officially called Air & Breathe). There has been a viral image sent round virtually everyone in the borough and Kent of some girl naked full frontally doing illicit things to a guy in the toilets of this club, so I can’t say that I am a regular party-goer at Zens for my own pride if anything else.

I’m going to Brighton to see some friends that live there for Uni in a couple of weeks which I’m unbelievably excited for! I can’t wait. Hopefully the weather sticks out by then.

I’m sure I’ll have much more important/exciting information for you over the upcoming months. I can’t believe we are already a third of the way through 2013 though, that’s absolutely mad!




Monthly Update

I think I’ve decided in going to start blogging once a month on a regular basis (filling you in on anything interesting happening in the month and how my Uni and personal projects are going). In all fairness this decision has been made because I am terrible at neglecting my blog as I an always super busy, especially being ill and trying to meet deadlines!

However, on a lighter note, I am now the owner of a brand spanking new iPhone 5!!!!! I absolutely love it and am fully converted from blackberry!

I hope to enlighten you all soon with interesting blog posts!

Another apology (as per)

As per usual, I’m sorry for not writing much or putting many portfolio pieces or anything up. I’ve started new modules at Uni and so all my assignments are being briefed; I’m going to be super busy up until easter.

I am quite excited for my new design module assignment though; having to create a graphic novel in pairs using only monochrome. It’s challenging but mine and Sarah’s idea is cool. I’ll update more nearer the time!


I know I haven’t posted here in like forever, but wow. Hi.

It’s been and gone January and is now February.. Which has gone incredibly fast.

Lots has happened in this month though. I got all my assignment grades back.

I got 2 A’s and and 2 B-‘s which I’m happy about.

I split up with my boyfriend, which kinda’ sucks but too personal for my blog!

I dyed my hair ginger, but then back to brown (massive mishap haha)

I’ve had a lot of health problems, as I may have posted, before Xmas I blacked out at work and was in hospital over Xmas. That’s still ongoing now.

Other than that, nothing much has really happened…………………

Mini update.

New Year 2012 Summary

This year has been a strange year for me. It was the second ‘new year’ with my boyfriend of now a year and a half. It was the start of a massive change for me. I left people behind I’d been friends with and surrounded by for 7 years to start fresh. It was nervous but starting Uni was amazing. Having the chance to go to Uni and studying something that I love and enjoy. Building up to getting the career I want by having an internship was an exciting opportunity this year for me, and a massive jump into where I want to be in the future. I turned 18 too, which was an exciting thing. I started my new job which I absolutely love! It hasn’t all been great. I’ve had some really gutting family news. I was ill all over Christmas and was in hospital which sucked but I’m grateful to have got through stuff. Although I can’t drink tonight, I’m not bothered; I’m spending the night up London with my amazing boyfriend to watch fireworks, so in my eyes, I couldn’t ask for more. So hope you had a great Christmas, and have an amazing (and safe/drunkful) new years! And I’m sure I’ll post something in the start of 2013! (I’m going to have to get used to writing that now) xxxx



I’m actually back, and updating on a reasonably frequent standard now. Hoorah!

I have finished Uni now for Christmas, won’t be back until some time in January. I just had to get all my assignments and everything done and handed in so I could relax and have actual time for blogging…….

Ofc, it’s Christmas so soon, 12 days… AND I’M SO EXCITED!!!! I’m like a big kid at Christmas it’s unbelievable. I just love how happy Christmas makes everyone feel and brings people together really. Plus I have bought some bloody good presents this year so I hope people enjoy them!

I also had my first driving lesson today, which went amazingly well. I felt so confident and calm, as if I’d been driving for a while and I was so shocked. I’m glad I started to learn in a manual rather than automatic. I did reverse, left/right turns, mini roundabouts and T junctions and gear changes, and my instructor said he was shocked at how well I did, which is such a relief. I can’t wait to drive I’m like craving to get in a car!

I promise I will be updating more regularly on the whole Christmas/Driving thing, and just any interesting things I get up to over the holidays.

Update: 27/11/12

Ah Christmas is coming so soon which is crazy exciting, just that means that I have tons of deadlines at Uni too 😦 however, I went on a trip on Monday to the V&A museum in South Kensington to the Hollywood Costume exhibition. I highly recommend this exhibition, it was sooooo good, especially if you’re really into films and design like I am. It was laid out really well, and it’s all interactive so it looks like the directors commentating are actually interacting with each other, and the background soundtrack is amazing. It does cost, but if you go in a group of 20+ it’s only £2 per person, or £9 with student discount, otherwise it’s just £14 entry, but to be honest, I think it’s worth the £14. It’s really interesting and quite surreal seeing all the actual genuine costumes that were worn by stars within touching distance. It’s a cool experience.

12/11/12: Update

I didn’t mean to leave it this long until my next update (sorrrrrrry). I’ve had my timetable changed at Uni so I now have more lessons and two new tutors Simon & Andy. Actually, the lessons aren’t too bad (ISHE gets a little tedious) but I like Simon. The Apprentice (magazine episode) was hilarious today. Those apprentices are so ridiculously dumb hahah. I’ve also been doing work with my internship placement; creating labels and promo ads and stuff, so I’ve been super busy for that as we’ve had printing deadlines to meet and stuff. I’m not ignoring or neglecting this! I’m just super super busy at the moment!